Vat Invoice

I have a shop running successfully and the client has now asked that teh invoice become a VAT invoice? Is there an easy way to do this (display the VAT number and both the net and gross figures on the invoice?)

Any help would be appreciated.

+1 from me, I will have that solution please?

The net and gross already show up on mine, as for the vat number I didnt realise that wasnt there so looks like well have to alter invoice.tpl



{if $order_info.taxes}

{foreach from=$order_info.taxes item=tax_data}

{if $tax_data.regnumber}

{$lang.registration_number}: {$tax_data.regnumber}




Directly after {* /Order totals } in invoice.tpl

or add it manually yourself with just text in the same place. The go to languages and change registration number to Vat reg number or whatever.

I have maunal comapny reg number in there too.

The bottom of my inoice.tpl looks like this

/Order totals *}

Company Reg Number 04148773 reg in England and Wales

{if $order_info.notes}



{if $content == “invoice”}

{include file=“buttons/continue_shopping.tpl” but_href=$continue_url|default:$index_script but_arrow=“on” skin_area=“customer”}

{include file=“buttons/button_popup.tpl” but_text=$lang.print_invoice but_href=“orders.print_invoice?order_id=$order_info.order_id” width=“800” height=“600” skin_area=“customer”}



{hook name=“orders:invoice”}


you should really do it in my changes though.


Thanks John!

Lee Li Pop