VAT Increase MOD

Happy Christmas every body! I am dreading the forthcoming VAT increase in the UK and wondered if anyone would be kind enough to introduce an addon that we could change the VAT amount from 17.5% to 20% on all products! At the moment all our pricing is including VAT and as of the 4th January in UK the VAT rises to 20%.

If anyone could help this would be great especially as 900 products could be quite taxing to change! scuse the pun.


What are you Saying Amit, I thought if we just change dthe tax rate in shipping and taxes to 20% it would just calculate all vat @ 20% instead of 17.5


ONLY if you have prices include tax’s unticked in the Backoffice. Otherwise all your prices will remain the same but 20% will be payable to the TAX office. So you/I will be losing money :wink:


I may be missing something, but cant you just export the product codes and prices…add 2.5 percent on all prices in excel and re import back in after changing your vat to 20%?

Sorry if Im on the wrong track but Im having a bit of a writers block here!