Vat import problem

Sorry all… a couple of weeks ago someone posted a thread about vat dissapearing on import. I have looked and looked but for the life of me I cant find it.Where is the thread or does anyone know the fix as to 2.0.12 when importing it is removing all the VAT options from existing products already in. I am getting bored of going back in admin and re enableing them cat by cat.



If I understood your problem correctly:


Go to tax menu (admin->tax)

check box the VAT

click below on “Choose action” and select “Apply selected taxes to all products”

Thanks but I know that. I may not have explained correctly.

What I am looking for is the thread that mentioned that CScart was causing problems when importing in that it was removing the VAT/TAX tick box from all the existing products in cS every time you do an import?

I have many procucts that are taxable and many that are not all in different cats etc.