Variations Question... Create A Unique Title And Image For The "parent" Product?

From what I can see when creating variations, you need to choose which product represents all others on the category grid.

So, to use a T-Shirt example, a blue T-shirt, selling for $9.99 can wind up representing ALL variations when the customer is looking at the range of products while doing his search. I think that this is both misleading and confusing.

Does anyone know of an add-on or other workaround where one can designate a unique image, title, and price, to a family of products so the buyer realizes that there are many options if he clicks on it?

To continue with the above example, the image could be one of several T-shirts of different colors stacked on top of one another, the title would be "Men's T-shirts" in 6 colors and 4 sizes". The price would just take the lowest price and insert "From $8.99".

Then, once he clicks on it and goes to the product page, that unique image and title would not be visible and the product page would appear exactly as it does now.