Variations - Help Setting Up Please

Hi All,

Wondering if someone can help or point me in the right direction. Having trouble setting up variations for a configurable product.

New to CS Cart but not at all to eCommerce. Have run 5 stores on magento but looking at other options due to dev costs and slow load times associated to magento.

Im not a web dev, but i no enough about CMS systems and also basic coding to get by.

We are using CS-Cart 4.7.2.SP1

We have lots of products, LED Lights. Which come in different options.

Rather then using options, i was hoping to use configurable as i believe that it should fit the product range better then a simple product. Benefits of filters etc.

Reviewed several times:

In the second guide it refers to clicking the "Generate Variations" button. But this is missing.

Can anyone help at all, it must be something really simple which i have missed. But i just cannot find it!


No need to reply! Fixed it.

When creating the options, you need to tick the inventory box. If unticked (like defaulted) it doesn't allow you to choose the option.