Variation/option Forbidden Combinations

I have four products in a variation group. This product comes in four grade types but only two of the grades can be painted, so 2 of the variations have color options and 2 don't.

I am only able to add forbidden combinations to the default variation though. How can I add a forbidden combination to a second or child product variation?

My cs-cart is fully updated and i used the tool to upgrade to the new variation/option scheme.


I have products with options, after the update if an option is chose, other than the standard option, it is not possibile to add the product to the cart.

I have tried everything but does not work. I had to de activate ALL options for the time being without knowing when the issue will be resolved.

Check for yourself the issue on my website, I have left 1 article with options: https://lanternevola...ormale-piccolo/

Add the candle to the product and you will not be able to add the combination to the cart.