I am having a little difficuly In need of assitance.

I am looking to create a frangrance website.

How can I have multiple sizes and prices based on each size I select.

When I use the variant and use checkboxes it works but it does an addition to the price rather then utilize the checkbox price.

I need to put a price in the price field in order for the variants to work and it would add additional cost. Even if put a penny. This would mis-lead the customers?

Anybody have any ideas?


Let me see if I can understand your situation. You don’t want to have a “base price”, right, for your products? You want to put in 0 for the base price and then make all of your variants/options show the full true price, right?

If so, that’s what I am also doing. You can put 0 in the price field for the “parent” product then change the following fields in the Pricing Inventory section of the products General tab to the values noted:

Zero price action: Allow to add the product to cart

Inventory: Track with options (can only be set AFTER you set the options to “inventory” controlled)

Then you can set your options up for the product with the pricing for each option - decide what option will control the pricing - size, scent, etc.

When you do this, the only thing is that you will have to modify one of your files if you don’t want the (+$XX) to appear and would like it to appear as just $XX.XX when the customer views the option on the frontend. I’ll have to find the code again and let you know the template if you cannot locate it.

Just a warning, though, that if you put in a 0 price at the base level then promotions will NOT work if applied to this product. I’ve put in a feature request to get that fixed but so far I haven’t seen it in the new version. I may have to get someone to mod it for me because I really don’t want to use a base price for these products if I don’t have to - it’s messy!

Hope this helps. If you need further assistance, let me know via PM and I’ll be happy to help out as much as I can. I’m not a guru of CS-Cart but have gotten it to do some things I wanted.

Good luck!



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