please take a look at this string:

I want to take the variable {$category.category_id} and put it into PHP variable called $id

how can it be done?

(becuase the unique template CS cart using, I don’t realy know how to do it)

And one more thing that contact to this problem:

when I push on botton “catalog” in store front, I see all the catories that I have - name of the category and photo. I also want to add description of every category.

For that I add new culomn, name “category_dec” in table “cscart_category_descriptions”.

The file that pull data from the database is “categories_multicolumns”.

what I need to write in this file so cs-cart system will show me the data in culomn “category_dec”?

Thanks in advance,


Emmm, is there anyone here that understand the CS-cart code?

Try this, not sure if it’ll work.

{assign var=id value=$category.category_id} [COLOR="Red"]<<-- assign variable in Smarty[/COLOR]

$id = $this->get_template_vars('id');
$id_var = SOME_FUNCTION($id); [COLOR="red"]<<-- manipulate variable in PHP[/COLOR]
$this->assign('id_var', $id_var);

{$id_var} [COLOR="red"]<<-- Use result back in Smarty tpl[/COLOR]


but do I need all of this just to put Smarty variables into PHP variables?

What exactly are you trying to do?

Like in here: [url][/url]

I want to add decsription under every category’s name.

for that I open new column (named “category_dec”) in table “cscart_category_descriptions”. now I want the data in every cell to be print on screen.

P.S - the number under category’s name in the ID number of every category. instead the data from “category_id” column, I want to print the data from “category_dec” column (which I add by myself)

And b.t.w - what is it “SOME_FUNCTION” that you wrote before?

OK, it’s working

Thanks Charlie!

The link doesn’t work.


And b.t.w - what is it “SOME_FUNCTION” that you wrote before?


That’s just an example.