We are using share a sale and were told to place a tracking code in our confirmation page.

You can see below where i have placed it in the details.tpl file.

{if $smarty.request.confirmation == "Y"} {* place any code you wish to display on this page right after the order has been placed *}<br />
    <img src="upload://4uvXyIWPZf2SDKtO4bRci8gyqoF.png" width="1" height="1"><br />
	{hook name="orders:confirmation"}<br />
	{/hook}<br />
```<br />
<br />
My question is, how to I figure out what CSCarts variables are for AMOUNTOFSALE(which should be the subtotal) and TRACKINGNUMBER (which I believe is just order id?)<br />
<br />
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Try {$} and {$order_info.order_id}.

I’m trying to implement this with resellerratings… same type of principle…

However… Have you logged in as a customer and opened up one of the orders? It initiates this code again just looking at the order details.

Anyone know of how to make it so it only happens after the actual transaction takes place, and not everytime the order is accessed by the customer?

Thanks in advance.


Anyone got an idea for this… Trying to trigger a popup window upon the successful placing of an order only.

Have tried implementing in the fn.cart after the line that reads:


Anyone able to help out or a better way to do this?

The first post is all right, but it would open up the popup everytime the user goes into the order details… The function I’m looking for only gets fired off when the transaction occurs and is successful

I think you should add $order_info.status == ‘P’ to {if $smarty.request.confirmation == “Y”}

So you should have something like that :

{if $smarty.get.confirmation == 'Y' && $order_info.status == 'P'}

Hope this helps.