variables from one .tpl to another .tpl ?


I try to paste some variables from one simple file to another:



They have different arrays.

The first one contains array $partner. Examples:

{$partner.balance}, {$partner.plan}, {$partner.approved}
```<br />
The second - array $affiliate_plan. Examples:<br />
{$}, {$affiliate_plan.min_payment}, {$affiliate_plan.commissions}
```<br />
How can I add variables from the first file to the second one? When I just enter {$partner.plan} to the second file it doesn't work <img src="upload://2gefrk5yIQmBF7b3nb7uvIojpeG.gif" class="bbc_emoticon" alt=":("><br />
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The links to this pages are: <br />
{$index_script}?dispatch=partners.list<br />

Did you clear cs-cart cache after the change?

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Did you clear cs-cart cache after the change?


Yes, of course.

You are looking at two separate 'views' which means there are two separate 'modes' for the affiliates controller. Hence you will need to look at these 'modes' and duplicate the 'affiliate_plans' and 'partner' variables from one to the other.

A 'view' is generally the result of something like ? and ?dispatch=affiliates.affiliate_plans. Hence they are normally 2 very separate objects.

Great! It work!

Thank you tbirnseth!

I just copy variables from