variable size chart for variable manufacturers


CS-Cart version is 2.1.4.

I added “size chart” code beside size option in product_options.tpl.

It is ok but I need to link a specific size chart recognizing its manufacturer.

There are a few different manufacturers. They have their own size charts.

To do this, I’d add a new product feature in Admin panel > Catalog > Product features. The variants of the feature will be the manufacturers.

Then, I’d assign all the products to one of the manufactures in Admin panel > Products > Corresponding product > Features.

is there anyone who know how to modify the “product_options.tpl” or other pages in order to recognize its manufacturer and link its own size chart.

interested as well

i also watting

I am keen on this too, at the moment i have just linked the size chart to an image i have compiled with all the different size charts below vertically. i have this opening using a js popup window

i have this addon -------------150 us$

that is steep. If i was doing a shop with more than 8 manufacturers i would consider it. At the moment the picture with all the sizes will do. I will remember that you have it available though should a client request that functionality.