Variable for Ship To State Code? MN, TX, etc

Does anyone happen to know the variable for the ship to state code?

For example:

zip / postal code is: $destination_postal

country is: $destination_country

I tried $destination_state but that didn’t seem to work. I am trying to configure UPS Live Negotiated Rates and CS-Cart wants to charge for the information (even though I purchased support time).

Thanks for any help,


Interesting, but CS-Cart seems to use $destination_state for Fedex, however, they don’t seem to use this for UPS.

Is it possible that UPS only requires the Country & Zip Code?

For negotiated rates, UPS requires both the ship from and ship to state :confused:

When I enter the code w/ variable into the xml:


and generate a request, the log file comes back with:

so it doesn’t appear that the variable works properly… any ideas?

Here’s a sample (from UPS) of what is needed to pull negotiated rates:





[B]XX [/B]

[B]XX [/B]

[B]XX [/B]