Var directory doesn't exist


I have installed 4.0.2 and I am trying to install a template. The template instructions say to copy files into the /var/database directory, but the var/database directory doesn't exist.

This is the second time I've seen requirements for something located in the /var directory that hasn't been there.

The website seems to be performing fine - you can see link below.


Any pointers would be appreciated.



I have never come across any template for CS-Cart which requires any uploads to be made to /var/database/ - only ever /var/skins_repository/

The /var/database/ folder is generated when A. the store is upgraded to a new version of CS-Cart or B. the database backup feature within CS-Cart is used.

Some folders in /var/ are created as and when required, hence why you have to provide full write permissions to the /var/ directory. You may create subfolders within /var/ if you must, but ensure they have full write permissions (usually 775 or 777 depending on server config).

Thanks so much. That explains everything. I really appreciate your help.