Var/cache/registry 20.000 files to one folder

Hello i have a eshop with 80.000 product’s… The version of cs cart is 4.17.1

The problem is that in one folder public_html/var/cache/registry/block_content_et_top_menu/1’ has over 25.000 files and my hosting provider tell me tha when access this folder all the filesystem of my servers are working slowly

I have a cron job to delete every 6 hours the registry folder but the folder fills up very quickly

is there any setting to put these files in subfolders in configuration file? Or not permitted one folder have over 10.000 file’s?


This cache seems to be related to the et_top_menu add-on. Unfortunately, I don’t know what this add-on does and if it really needs so much cached data. I can recommend you to contact its developers (I can assume from its name that it belongs to EnergoThemes) in this case.

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