Vanished Order With Items Going Back Into Stock

CS-Cart Version 4.3.9

PayPal Standard.

I suspect that this is occurring when a buyer uses the back button after making a PayPal payment.

Buyer makes purchase and pays but Status remains at Open.

I see that payment made in my PayPal account and mark the order as Processed.

Buyer returns to place another order and pays. This time the order status is Processed

BUT the previous order completely vanishes and all stock is made available for purchase again.

Luckily I printed the order before it vanished so I was able to locate the stock items later.

We sell single items, no sizes etc.

I have to quickly race around finding all the stock items and reducing the stock count to zero.Is this a bug in my version and if so has the problem been fixed in subsequent versions of CS-Cart ???

This was happening constatly on cart before 4.5.x. when buyer placed 2 orders in a role second made first be deleted. This no longer happens in 452 sp2 i got now.

Thank you Darius.

It was a proper bastard having to race around amending stock levels.

I am pretty sure it was because the buyer 'back buttoned' from the PayPal payment page

to buy something else.

Every time this has happened it's always been a large

Looks like I will have to go to 4.5.2 sp2.

Wishing you a great day.