Validating Path for Upgrading

I am using Unix based machine but the path will not validate. Running Cpanel/ WHM

I tried






No luck Any ideas?

I had the same problem but found a solution:

Copy these codes in a file and save it as fullpath.php

echo dirname(__FILE__);

Upload on your root and call it for example: and you get your full path info.

Thanks what was your path? For some rerason I cannot acess the file on my server it is not executing,

maybe your path would be the same as mine less the folder name.

Should be /public_html/ for most commercial web hosts providing cPanel/WHM.

Mine is: /home/account-name/public_html

Yours might be: /home/testcard/public_html

You can also use a relative path. Assuming the path to your new store is


and your old store is at


You can use:


Be nice if it was implemented to prompt for the admin user/password for the store to be imported, then just used an http request to get the database config information…

The easiest thing to do is to just go to your product export and then copy the path of your images. Obviously you'd want to remove the images/ part, but everything before it is what you need.

Also, I don't know if it matters, but I can only get it to work if it begins and ends with a /




Thanks for all your help and posts.

It worked as


I am using WHM / Cpanel on Unix Servers

Import is running now.

Strange, because from root my file path is the same as yours, yet I just use /public_html/ as the path and have no problems with CS-Cart upgrades.

Glad you got it sorted though