V4 Language Variable Smarty Tag

So the fn_get_lang_var() function was changed to a function called () in V4. A template function was added ({(“var_name”)}.

So my question is, what is the difference between using the new tag and using the new function as a variable modifier (i.e. {“var_name”|__}). Reason being is that this could be supported in V2 and V3 addons by creating a function that was:

function __($var) {return fn_get_lang_var($var);}

I would guess there is not a measurable performance difference, but was curious what others thought.

I believe they try to approach to well known development standards as WordPress and Magento,[list]

[]__ function is from Wordpress

]cs-cart v4 directory structure is from Magento 2 ;)



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I guess I look at it from a portability standpoint. I.e. the more common code I can achieve between versions the less maintenance cost I incur. Anything about the proposal that you see as an issue going forward?