V4 Editing CSS of just 1 site?

So I am running CS-Cart 4.0.2 (“site 1”) which you can see right here. I have a second storefront (“site 2”), which you can see right here.

When I go to admin > design > template editor while have chosen “site 1” in admin as my active site, I seem to be editing the CSS of both sites.

The problem is, I want to use a certain font for htags on site1 but not on site2. I figured updating code while site1 was checked wouldn’t affect site2 but now both sites show the same font in htags are are duplicating code changes elsewhere.

If you want different styles for each store then you need to set the User-defined CSS-class for the relevant blocks in each store.

For store 1 go to Design > Layouts; For a style on all pages choose the default page and then click the gear symbol (Block Options) for the block that you want to style

Set the User-defined class of the block so it is unique (i.e. store1)

Do the same thing for other stores by switching to store2 > Design > Layouts;

If you have created a css/addons/my_changes/mystyles.css then you can style the elements in the block for each store as

.store1 h1{} and .store2 h2{}