V4 Addons From Ez Merchant Solutions

EZ Merchants Solutions has released many of our popular V2/V3 addons for V4.

All are compatible with Pro, Ultimate and MVE versions of V4.

The addons currently available for V4 are:[list]

[]EZ Auto-Mail - Transactional mail system that allows you to queue messages to be sent at a later date based on events that occur in your store (order place, new profile, etc.). Great for sending reminders for reviews or coupons for future purchases. Details are at: [url=“Auto Mailer”]http://ez-ms.com/auto-mail.html[/url] and docs are at [url=“http://ez-ms.com/docs/auto-mail.pdf.”]http://ez-ms.com/docs/auto-mail.pdf[/url]

]EZ Checkout Summary Fields - Allows you to add custom fields to checkout process and have the values added tot he customer notes. Great for occasion, gift messages, gift wrapping style, gift gender, etc. You can define the input type (checkbox, selector, textbox, input, radio, etc.). Details are at: [url=“Checkout Summary Fields”]http://ez-ms.com/che...elds-addon.html[/url] and docs are at [url=“http://ez-ms.com/docs/co_summary_fields_addon.pdf.”]http://ez-ms.com/doc...elds_addon.pdf[/url]

[]EZ Admin Helper - Common interface to many cart administrative functions such as currency updates, database backup, cache(s) clearing, etc. A cron interface is available for automation too or you can just run them on-demand. Details at [url=“EZ Admin Maintenance”]http://ez-ms.com/ez-maint.html[/url] and docs are at [url=“http://ez-ms.com/docs/ez_maint.pdf.”]http://ez-ms.com/docs/ez_maint.pdf[/url]

]EZ Group Minimum Orders - Allows you to set minimum order amounts per group. So wholesale customers can have a different minimum than distributors or non-group members. Details at: [url=“Group Minimum Orders”]http://ez-ms.com/gro...mum-orders.html[/url]

[]EZ Log Email - Creates a log entry (normal cart logs) for every email sent from your site. Do you know what your cart really sends? Details at [url=“Email Logging”]http://ez-ms.com/email-logging.html[/url] and docs are at [url=“http://ez-ms.com/docs/log_email_addon.pdf.”]http://ez-ms.com/doc...mail_addon.pdf[/url]

]EZ Mailchimp Integration - Not just a mailing list addon, but full integration with mailchimp segments and campaigns. Shows stats from campaigns and allows you to utilize separate lists for products purchased, mailing list subscription, products from specified categories or even specific products. Get a handle on your marketing by using mailchimp to do your targeted marketing for you with help from EZ Merchant Solutions. Details are at [url=“Mailchimp Integration”]http://ez-ms.com/mai...ntegration.html[/url] and docs are at [url=“http://ez-ms.com/docs/mailchimp.pdf.”]http://ez-ms.com/docs/mailchimp.pdf[/url]

[*]EZ Payment Capture - Capture (auth-only) payments for Authorize.net, issue refunds, void transactions, etc. If you authorize-only upon purchase and charge when shipped and use Authorize.net, then this is the addon for you. Details at [url=“Payment Capture”]http://ez-ms.com/payment-capture.html[/url] and docs are at [url=“http://ez-ms.com/docs/pay_capture.pdf.”]http://ez-ms.com/docs/pay_capture.pdf.[/url]


A table of all our addons and compatibility with the various versions of cs-cart can be found at: [url=“http://ez-ms.com#compatibility”]EZ Merchant Ecommerce solutions

We will be updating our products in the cs-cart marketplace (http://marketplace.c…-source-it.html) will happen soon (creatng products in the marketplace is a pain).

If you have any questions, please contact us through [url=“http://ez-ms.com/contact-us.html.”]http://ez-ms.com/contact-us.html[/url] We get so much spam lately that we sometimes miss enquiries.

Awesome news!

Quality mod writer, good support. I will be buying a few more of these today…

Hello tbirnseth,

I placed an order for one addon, but still unable to download it form your site, because it does not show up under my account section.

When payment was processed; it says, the link is not available yet for download. Now, its 3 days since I made a purchase.

I don’t want to raise a Red Flag yet, but please consider to do a faster verification, cause we are in business where time is money!


Not sure why you're posting here. I sent you an email with a copy of the log info for the sent link to your email address (see below - Edit - forum didn't copy the image). I show the link as active. When was the last time you logged into your account and checked availability. As the T&C's and Readme says for all of our products that we process our orders manually so your downloads are not immediately available.

I also sent you a copy of the archive (the download) as an attachment in the email and suggested that you check your spam filters.

If you did not receive my email, please verify your spam filtering and drop me another note, I will be happy to send it to you again.

Not sure what “red flag” you are referencing. I respond to all communications. The link was sent to you via the cart on the day after you placed the order (3/16/14) which was yesterday (Sunday) and I responded to your inquiry this morning.



Page Not Found

The page you have requested cannot be found.


I’m sorry, it was my fault. All your messages were filtered for some reason, so I have not received your confirmation on time, and then posted here.

I got my add-on (EZ Checkout Summary Fields) now and running a test drive . Thank you!


Looks like the period at the end of the sentence got included with the link.


works fine for me.

I've edited the OP to get rid of the periods that the forum is including in the automatic links it is creating.


No problem… Glad it is resolved for you.

A new version of mailchimp integration was just released. It fixes a problem where a DB error occurs (close store) when the news_and_emails addon has not been installed (change with V4).

It also changes the location of the the hook used during checkout to allow the user to opt-out of email notifications. Previously the checkbox was in the billing info area (step-1). However if the user was using anonymous checkout, the checkbox was hidden. We looked at moving it to the payment area near the terms and conditions, but this too has issues in certain situations where no payment is required or that terms and conditions are not used. We ended up putting in below the customer notes area which will display for all orders and customer types.

Additional changes have been made during the installation process to address issues with cs-cart copying the addon tables during a store import.

The current version is 4.1.29.

Tony, do you plan to release a V4 compatible version of your XML Data Feeds add-on?

Nope, tired of trying to keep up with Google changes. From what I've seen on the forums here, most people just get the data feeds setup to meet their needs.

[quote name='tbirnseth' timestamp='1399081062' post='182815']

Nope, tired of trying to keep up with Google changes. From what I've seen on the forums here, most people just get the data feeds setup to meet their needs.


Yeah you and me both.

OK well I'll try fiddling around with the built in stuff and see what happens. Thanks for the reply.

We have ported our V2/V3 version of the Bulk Status Change addon to V4. We have also added the ability to specify whether customer/vendors will be notified upon the change in status.

Product details: www.ez-ms.com/bulk-status.html

Documentation: bulk_status.pdf

Screen shots are available in the documentation.

Compatibility of versions and addons from EZ Merchant Solutions can be found at: our Compatibility Table

Hi Tony, I seem to remember you once wrote that your mailchimp add-on can also sync reward points as a field into mailchimp now. Did I dream this or is it actually true?

Hi Flow, Nope it doesn't.

If' you'd like to define where you want it stored in MC I could look into adding it.

Hi Flow, Nope it doesn't.

If' you'd like to define where you want it stored in MC I could look into adding it.

Cool, well, I think it should be just a field that we can insert into emails, so we can mail people the amount of points they have in their account. It would be even better if we can also tell them how much the points are worth... but that's not absolutely necessary (we could also point them to a page on the website telling them this I guess.)


Hmm... Trouble is that the points need to be associated to the user (subscriber) and they are calculated in the order event which doesn't update the subscriber. I'll look into what it will take to update subscriber data on an order event. Usually the subscriber data is only set during an add-user profile event. Otherwise just the email address is used to associate a subscriber to an order.....

Will have to investigate a bit deeper. Want to give me a name to use in Mailchimp? This would be a user-defined name.

Thanks for looking into it Tony.. This would be a feature I would like to have as well.

I see what you mean Tony. Maybe it would be possible to update MC with a click from the admin, updating the points field?

I'm not sure what you mean with a name to use in Mailchimp. Like a customer name?

In Mailchimp, everything relates to sending data associated to variable names. I.e. so you can do:


Given that reward points won't be a system named variable, it would have to be something that is user defined. So the question was what did you want the name to be? I think you have to define it on the mailchimp side before it can be assigned programatically.

My thoughts are that when an order is placed, to add the user to the specified list normally and send the Ecommerce data (segmentation information) and then to UPDATE the user with their points balance. If the user opt-ed out then it would not occur and if the chosen variable name doesn't exist, then the update would fail. Of course this would only be done if the available points are non-zero.

Looking for feedback since I don't use points in my activities.