V4.2.2 Installation - Fails To Load Css

I installed multivendor 4.2.2 on our QA host. The first time I hit home page everything loads fine:


It pulls in this CSS with no issues:


However, the next time I load/refresh the same page it tries to load a different CSS:


and fails with “403 Forbidden” response. NOTE: it refers to a different path now: “/css/A.standalone.”. Cache ids of the CSS files keep changing. If I go to admin panel and clear the cache it helps - I'm able to load the page just fine (it refers to /css/standalone), but only 1 time. After that the same issue happens.

Please, help!


I realize this is an old thread, but I happened to run into a similiar, if not the same, issue with the 403 error coming from the “A.standalone…” CSS file in the var/cache/misc etc directory. I am using multivendor v4.3.1 and use an Amazon AWS EC2 instance for hosting. You may already have solved/circumvented this error, but I figured I’d share my “solution” for anyone who may be looking for a solution in the future.

Before proceeding, I’d like to point out that this is more of a get-around than it is a solution. I figured it had to do with insufficient permissions of the apache user on the cached CSS file. I wasn’t able to fix the permissions, but found that disabling PageSpeed prevents this file from caching in the first place. For performance, enabling PageSpeed is the obvious preference. For the time being, this will suffice for my use, but I will continue searching for a proper solution.


  1. In the webroot: add this to your .htaccess file

    ModPagespeed off

  2. Remove the cache folder in www/html/var/ . No worries, a new one will be created automatically.

  3. Restart apache

    Hope this may be of help :) Thank you

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