V4.2.2 Cannot Edit Products After Store Import From 3.6

I'm stuck.

I am in the midst of transferring my store from 3.6 to 4.2.2 and have realised that after importing the store I am unable to edit any of the product fields. Whilst I can enter a product page from the admin side none of the links work, I am unable to select the images tab, options tab, tabs tab etc and the save button does nothing also.

I have scoured the forums but cannot find anything at all. Has anyone any idea at all?


Problem solved,

It was an issue caused by theme CST020039, “megashop”, from themeforest. It over writes core.js from V4.1.3 and caused the bug.

Dear Howardfranks,

Thanks for keeping us informed!

Best regards, Alt-team.