V3 Ultimate Data Feeds

Hey folks

I was on V3.0.2 Ultimate. I upgraded to V3.0.3 and now V3.0.4, but my problem still persists.

I created a Data Feed to export data to Google Base amongst other shopping comparison sites I have used successfully.

The problem being the export does not want to seem to export the product URL, this is what I am left with:

ID: 1

Title: My Product Name

Link: http://www.mydomain.com/.html

The ‘Link’ should be http://www.mydomain.com/my-product-name.html in the feed, as it works in the front-end.

This is the same for all products in the feed, regardless if I export the data as ‘All Stores’ user or the site specific user.

Anybody else come across this and found a solution?


I have the same issue, but, when setting the store to the store I am exporting, it works.

I have set up a Google Merchant feed for each store seperately.



Yep, it looks like it's a bug. I managed to export each individual stores Product URL's successfully when I am logged in as the store user, not as the 'All Stores' user. I have also had the joys of having to manipulate 3 separate feeds to upload to Google Merchant today, would be much easier if I could export all products at the same time, then cut the feed where necessary for each store.

Out of interest, have you tried to add 'Users' to your Merchant Account, so you can access all of your accounts using one single log-in? I have tried but Google produces an Unexplained Error, telling me to try a different e-mail address. I have been trying all day and still get the same error, have you tried?