v3 templating


I was wondering if I’ve missed the info on creating a template for v3 - specifically editing the manifect.ini. I customized a skin based off the basic template but when I select it from the Skin Selector drop down menu and set it, the manifest.ini ( that I edited and uploaded with the customized skin to /vars/skin_repository ) reverts back to have the basic skin info so my logo isn’t showing and although the correct skin is showing on the site, the .ini file has reverted back to say “description = “Basic skin”” I know I’m most likely missing something but can’t figure it out.

Thanks for any help or directions at all :)


Hi Kathie! I have noticed this as well. The only fix I have found is to upload the logo through the admin logo area, leaving the manifest file alone. Before it didn’t seem to adjust well when we did that, but with the new layout it seems to adjust the header automatically to the height of the logo :)

Thanks Tina :) I was just curious about the skin name reverting back to basic and wondered if that will eventually cause any problems if all skins have manifests that say the skin name is Basic Skin.