V3 customizing blocks

Started to play with this a bit today.

But, did have some questions that maybe someone can address:

I created a new location named new_location with a type of custom. When I saved, it zapped the Default location and gave me a bunch of empty grids. How do I apply blocks to these grids?

I then exported the Default layout, changed the name, etc. and imported it back. I would have thought that this import would have created new instances of all the elements within the layout so they could be modified independently of the Default from which they were taken. I must have missed something in the xml edit (would be nice if this exported as a formatted xml) since that seems to blast the original Default. I’m guessing that for it to be seen as “new” when imported, that the location_id or container_id needs to be zero or to remove those tags so it is seen as an INSERT. Clarification would be appreciated.

Does a new Default location end up being the overall layout for all the other locations? What I mean is, if I create a new location called New_location from the origiinal Default, will all the other locations inherit these changes (like the checkout page) if I change the layout of the TOP and BOTTOM areas?

So how does one do a customization without having to modify each individual block and duplicate all the data? This seems to be find for “layout”, but not very helpful for adjusting/modifying the look/feel of the content within those “locations”.

Feeling a bit dazed and confused at this point…

God I hate change! :-)

Hi Ive been playing with blocks manager too. Its a bit of a learning curve and Im still learning.<br /> <br /> I found that if I exported locations and changed them, nothing happened when I imported them back.<br /> <br /> Im sorry but for general content its fine I guess but for hard core layout changes I am still prefering to edit the files

inside the my_changes_addon to get things done.

Block manager still needs allot of development to make it truely a unique tool for managing the layout of a store.

I asked how to have instances of code from a certain page apear in a block so the idea is to turn it off if I need to

but alas no reply as yet :)

Anyways off to play with block manager again lol…