V3 Addon Question(s)

Since there's no V3 forum section to ask any questions, I guess this is as good a place as any to start.

My first question is:

Given all the changes made to the addon.xml file structure and how that info is stored within the database, can you tell me if the fundamental problem with updating the addon.xml file with a new 'item' will now show the item title? Previously, if the addon.xml file were updated (via an upgrade by the addon provider), the 'type' of field would display, but the 'name' for the item would not. So you'd have something like:

[default input text]

where what is needed is:

This is a new field: [default input text]

Please advise.

Second question:

in the my_changes/addon.xml.full file, for the 'tab_order' the comment says “Prepend or append the common tab list with add-on tabs (default defained as append)”. What is the “common tab list”? I had assumed that the tab order would be the order in the xml file. Why would anyone want to 'Prepend' a tab rather than just inserting it in the right place in the xml file? Is this because you now set a position on the addon sections and hence you can't really insert a tab? But rather you either append to the position or renumber the whole tab list?

3rd question:

When might the addon developers guide that was discussed in another thread going to be available?

Comment: tying addon option infomation to an arbitrary position within an XML file is really a bad idea. Might work great for a new install of an addon, but any version updates are going to cause conflicts.