V3 addon beta testing

I've been modifying our infrastructure to support migrating our addons to V3.

Would like to find a beta tester for our popular Auto Mailer addon and for our Mailchimp addon.

Auto Mail is just about ready to test and Mailchimp hasn't started yet but don't think it will take too long (depending on other workloads).

Looking for someone who is actively using V3 for testing and who can effectively verify these addons who is a current user of the addons. There are no new features, only the port/adjustment to V3 from V2.

So if you're a user of either of these addons and can assist me with testing in V3, I will give you any of our other addons for free (after they are ported to V3 of course).

By testing these two, I think I'll learn enough so that outside testing of the others will not be required.

I spent 2 full days adjusting the simplest addon we have (log_email and the underlying infrastructure). We found a few bugs and a few workarounds, but it was definitely more work than it should have been. Should probably have waited for them too produce the addon developers guide for V3 that they promised…

Please email tonyb@ez-msXX.com (remove the X's) if you are interested.