[v2][Solved]Custom page - html code limit

I have hit the ceiling of my cs-cart knowledge. So for the first time in 2 years i will ask your help. Let me explain my situation at the moment.

I have a “admin>content>pages>” custom page that i use. Inside it i have 530 lines (64,000 characters) of html for drop down tables but i have seem to hit some kind of page character limit. As i enter more thant 530 lines of html code and information into it - on save it cuts down the information that i have entered the very last to some degree. Strangely i don’t see nothing in error logs of my Apache about the issue.

Has anyone encountered this problem or can anyone tell me about the page input limits?

Please help.


I thought it was a problem in the code. In the end - the mysql table collum character limits was 64k as for text type. Changed type to mediumtext and have no problems what so ever. . If someone encounters the same problem - then it's a mysql issue not a code issue. .