v2.1 running very slow

We have a clean install of v2.1 but are finding its running incredibly slowly. It contains only a handful of products and categories with no filters etc but is so slow that its unusable.

Its running on the same server as other CS Cart sites running previous versions, they are all running fine so it is not a hardware issue.

Anyone else finding this?

cs-cart demo site looks very slow also

Our install is running way slower than the demo site, something is definitely not right with it

i must agree, i have found a big difference in page load running 2.1

[quote name=‘1line’]i must agree, i have found a big difference in page load running 2.1[/QUOTE]

Wow. Haven’t upgraded to 2.1 yet, but if this is a widespread problem, there is no way that I will do so. There is nothing that will cause a customer to leave your site quicker than slow page loads.

I upgrade to 2.1 and now mi site is very very very slow (7 sec for load page):frowning:

Same here!

Big problem 23.49s for load my site :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

Please a fix

It is heavy and a bit slow but it’s not nearly as bad as the latest X-Cart 4.4.0 release if that makes anyone feel better…

I won’t get into speed comparisons between the 2 but will post what is loading on each with a default install including sample data.

Index page loads

As you can see there are many more scripts loading on the new x-cart release and this definitely is impacting its performance badly.

[QUOTE]it’s not nearly as bad as the latest X-Cart 4.4.0 release if that makes anyone feel better…[/QUOTE]

Absolutely not in the least bit…:wink:

I think you will find in this case, what really matters now, is how the speed compares to 2.014-15, and if 2.1 is indeed slower loading, then that will be a real problem for many of us!

Guess it will be a while yet before I can determine how it compares, not about to jump in with a live store yet.

I revert my store to 2.015 because 2.1 is very very slow !!! and i lose a lot of customer

CS Cart please comment - Is it true that 2.1 is slower than 2.15?

If so can you fix this problem?

Hi all,

Thank you for keeping us informed. We continue investigating the 2.1 speed functionality. Currently, we have no clear evidence to decide whether it is true that version 2.1 is much slower than version 2.0. We are going to continue our tests.

You can help us make it quicker. Please, post a ticket to HelpDesk with your FTP access (make a note: 2.1 speed investigation). We need it to collect the information about the page loading time (queries executing time, etc.). Do not worry, your store will be working in the usual mode and your customers won’t see any additional data on their screens.

Thank you in advance.

Investigation should be done before release

ticket_id=100083934 open with all info ftp,phpmyadmin etc

Thanks :smiley:

[quote name=‘Darius’]Investigation should be done before release[/quote]

Hello Darius,

Investigations and speed tests were done before release. A lot of. And I’m sure you know about that. In all available test environments CS-Cart 2.1 was at least not slower than previous version.

Conclusion on the reason for the reported problem will be made when our engineers determine its certain cause.

Hi all,

Thank you for your help and for the provided FTP access to your hosts.

We have finished testing the store speed and have some results.

In version 2.1.0, we upgraded the cache functionality. The production speed was increased. But we found out that for some system configurations it does not work as expected and makes an unnecessary overload.

This issue will be fixed in the next release (2.1.1). Also, you can apply the patch manually.

Open this file: /core/fn.control.php

find the fn_addon_template_overrides function and replace it completely with this one

function fn_addon_template_overrides($resource_name, &$view)
static $init = false;

$o_name = 'template_overrides_' . AREA;
if ($init == false) {
Registry::register_cache($o_name, array(), CACHE_LEVEL_STATIC);

if (!Registry::is_exist($o_name)) {
$template_overrides = array();
foreach (Registry::get('addons') as $a => $_settings) {
$odir = $view->template_dir . '/addons/' . $a . '/overrides';
if (is_dir($odir)) {
$tpls = fn_get_dir_contents($odir, false, true, '', '', true);
foreach ($tpls as $k => $t) {
if (empty($template_overrides[md5($t)])) {
$template_overrides[md5($t)] = 'addons/' . $a . '/overrides/' . $t;

if (empty($template_overrides)) {
$template_overrides['plug'] = true;

Registry::set($o_name, $template_overrides);

$init = true;

return Registry::if_get($o_name . '.' . md5($resource_name), $resource_name);

Check the store speed again. It should work faster than 2.0.15.

Thank you and wish you all the best!

Nice work your are the best

Thanks :smiley:

I have a client using the new xcart. I’m attempting to update their store. Slow isn’t even right. I would use the term: “Lumbering”.

That said, if I could figure out the convoluted and PayPal centric admin panel it might seem powerful.

Can someone explain why exactly new version was slower? What was improved in caching? In my test store I see constant max cpu utilization of php process when I try to do something. For me, cache associates with disk io :slight_smile: