v2.1.3 Shipping Charges - 404 error

Hi All.

I have recently setup a Pro Version of version 2.1.3, I have an issue when setting up a new Shipping Method, once created I select the “Shipping Charges component” and fill inthe details as per the community based test site I have running, Once i selet “Save” a 404 error appears


Page Not Found

The page you have requested cannot be found.

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Go to the admin homepage

Anyone got any ideas? I’ve attempted to re-copy hte shipping file in case of a corruption on the initial install. All other aspects work as expected.

Shipping Charges 404.png

Would help if you told us what URL was in the address bar that it couldn’t find.

Tghe URL is:


Please be aware that this is a pre-production site for testing of 2.1.3 only.


This is a pre-production site for testing of 2.1.3 only.

The url you sent me is missing the ‘mode’ parameter. I.e.


but yours is


So looks like you’ve either modified a template incorrectly or there is a bug in the distributed templates. It should probably be


after posting the changes.