V2.04 - Invoice

On 1.3.5 I changed the Print Invoice button within admin to print to an invoice_admin.tpl file which was basically a copy of the original invoice.tpl with a few changes so that it was more like a packing slip and I could print the stamp directly on to it just above where I’d put the shipping address and my logo.

Fold it over, stick it in a clear document enclosed envelope, stick to pack and bob’s yer uncle.

Anyway in 2.04 I notice that the print invoice button is not a button its a link and so I’m not sure how to change this so that it goes to my new invoice_admin.tpl rather than invoice.tpl

Many Thanks for any help.

Why not rename your invoice_admin.tpl, invoice.tpl?

the invoices in CS2 are some of the ugliest I’ve ever witnessed, it took us like 3+ hrs to make it professional and to fit the image we wanted it to have, it actually took us longer to fix the ratty invoice then it did to make some mods/addons…

Sno - I agree. It’s a terrible invoice. I just need more of a packing slip which is what I had in 1.35.

Tool - I had assumed that V2 still used the invoice.tpl file to also send the emailed invoice to the customer? If thats the case then mine need to be two different types. One emailed to the customer and one for a combined packing sheet and shipping “label”

I have said this before but it bears repeating: CS-Cart should come standard with the ability to print both a separate packing slip and invoice. And they should both look a whole lot more professional than the current standard invoice.


I’m looking at the demo cart invoice…Where are the product codes? I think SKU’s are essential for packing the orders, no? Is there a way to add this? This seems HUGE to me!

That’s why I’m still waiting…For now, cs-cart is 2 hot…

I guess I read through your post too quick and misunderstood. I understand now.

Maybe try adding this to skins/basic/admin/views/orders/details.tpl:

{capture name="extra_tools"}
{hook name="orders:details_tools"}
{include file="buttons/button_popup.tpl" but_text=$lang.print_invoice but_href="`$index_script`?dispatch=orders.print_invoice&order_id=`$order_info.order_id`" width="900" height="600" but_role="tool"} |
{include file="buttons/button.tpl" but_text=$lang.print_pdf_invoice but_href="`$index_script`?dispatch=orders.print_invoice&order_id=`$order_info.order_id`&format=pdf" but_role="tool"} |
{include file="buttons/button.tpl" but_text=$lang.edit_order but_href="$index_script?dispatch=order_management.edit&order_id=`$order_info.order_id`" but_role="tool"}[COLOR="Blue"] |
{include file="buttons/button_popup.tpl" but_text=$lang.print_invoice_admin but_href="`$index_script`?dispatch=orders.print_invoice_admin&order_id=`$order_info.order_id`" width="900" height="600" but_role="tool"}[/COLOR]

You will need to create a language variable for print_invoice_admin

Very close but I get a page not found.

I’ve added a language variable saying PRINT PACKING SLIP

I’ve uploaded my print_invoice_admin.tpl to /skins/basic/mail/orders

The destination URL looks good - admin.php?dispatch=orders.print_invoice_admin&order_id=100104

but I get a 404 page not found.

Check permissions of your template.

EDIT: Is this a C&P? admin.php?dispatch=orders.print_invoice_admin&ord[COLOR=“Blue”]e r[/COLOR]_id=100104

There is a space in there that shouldn’t be.

No that space is me not being able to type. There’s no space in the actual url.

Perms are set to 777 on the new file but still no luck. On the old version of CS it used to be ?target= XXXXXX and these were set in the config.php file I think. Is there a similar thing in V2 that maybe needs setting?

Hello All

Has anyone managed to get a similar thing to this working on their site?