[v2.0.5] How to export a large range of products. Eg.all manufacturer's products

I would like to know how to export products belonging to a manufacturer in v2.0.5

In v1.3.5, I do this by:

In admin area:

Go to “Manage Products”

Under advanced search, search for products under “Manufacturer A”

Select “Full List” under “Range” next to the page numbers.

Wait for page to fully load.

Click on the “Select all” checkbox.

Go to the bottom of the page, click on “Export selected”

In v2.0.5

I can search for all products under “Manufacturer A”

But I am unable to select the full range of products under Manufacturer A to export.

Is there a way which I missed? Or cs-cart is missing this functionality that was originally possible with v1.3.5?

Thank you for any help in advance!

You mean because selecting “all” only selects the products visible, not the products on other paginations?

If that is correct, then one clumsy workaround would be to increase the number of products visible to the admin in the settings. Then all of the products will be shown and thus selecting “all” will actually be all of them.

Yeap, I guess you are right.

The setting for setting the number of items displayed per page is also max out at 100. (If you click on the items per page link on the right hand corner below “Advanced search options”)

So the current workaround so far I can manage to do is to set the search to filter only products from eg. Manufacturer A, see the total number of products returned.

And enter manually


where 1000 is replaced with the number of products I want visible on 1 page.

Then I can click on “Select all” to export.

Troublesome, but unfortunately, so far this is what I can manage to figure out.

If anyone has a better alternative, let me know~