Utf-8 Characters


i have create today again and again list for upload , import products...

i dont know, how can i make and i want know, where i make the faults..

1. issue: productname created ( written):

ACER Allegro 5V 1A Kompakt Ladegerät 4in1+ MicroUSB Kabel, Weiss, NEU

but after Import: i have this :http://prntscr.com/emvic6

2.I have make this list: but i have no image on website...nothing is uploaded..


3. I have the productfile attached here..

I need urgently a help ..



You're using semi-colon delimiter. Use comma instead for both import and export.

Don't use the attached file because there are a few lines that are not in place due to a comma being in the line.


i havent understand what you mean..., because the list i havent do my self, i have only export and fill the informations and have import..

I edited the file in my last post to be formatted correctly.

Your file with incorrect formatting.


Edited file with correct formatting.


When you import or export, make sure you have comma set as delimiter.





I have try, but i have not the same table like yours

http://prntscr.com/enaak3 this ...

Can you send me the file what you have updated..please..



i have export, this :test7 ...

I thus exported as you described... and change vendor name and import...

http://prntscr.com/enb37xi become this if iclick import...

where is the fault ?? I have export and import the same file ...


Re-download the file in Post #2. I updated it with correct formatting.

I'm not sure why the formatting is off. Seems like a .txt file with no formatting.

Edit: You may have a PHP configuration issue.?

As a workaround you can save the file as a txt file then open in Excel choosing the correct delimter.


thank you but is the same issue..

image will be not uploaded..!!!

What you mean "Edit: You may have a PHP configuration issue.?"

Hi, i have lost my files, because harddisk formatted...

I have create new files. everythin g is ok.. but how can I set 1,99 in my list in my shop, too... they show 1.00€..



why there write: jan99 for 1,99 i havent understand !!!

I still say you have something not configured correctly server side because CSC formats prices, dates, etc. and your files load in Excel like a txt file instead of a csv file.


this file work, i can upload without a issue only my question was, how can I format the price?

there is no issue serverside...!

I have solve the issue..."Price decimal separator :", must change from (.) to (,)..