USPS setup shows mostly international options

I hate asking a question like this but when I try to do a setup using USPS realtime, the majority of options I am offered are for international settings, IE

USPS Priority Mail [COLOR=“Blue”]International[/COLOR] Flat-Rate Box, USPS Priority Mail [COLOR=“Blue”]International[/COLOR] Flat-Rate Envelope, USPS Priority Mail [COLOR=“Blue”]International[/COLOR] Large Flat-Rate Box, USPS Priority Mail [COLOR=“Blue”]International[/COLOR] Medium Flat-Rate Box, USPS Priority Mail [COLOR=“Blue”]International[/COLOR] Small Flat-Rate Box

But for domestic all I get is USPS Priority Mail. When using USPS I ship 50% using USPS Priority Box of my own, 35% with small and medium flat rate and 15% with flat rate envelope. I need to have realtime for the insurance.

Any suggestions.

What shipping methods do you have defined?

I have USPS enabled

In Shipping methods I have USPS Flat Rate Small Box as Name

When I go into edit that I only get

USPS Bound Printed Matter

USPS Express Mail

USPS First Class Mail

US Library Mail

US Media Mail

US Parcel Machinable

US Parcel Non Machinable

US Priority Mail

As the only Non International Methods.

What version of the cart are you running? Looks like prior to 2.1.3…

Sorry I should have posted that from the begining. 2.1.4