Usps Jacks Up Pricing After Claim Of "lowering" Shipping Cost?

So has anyone else taken the time to check out the new “lower” pricing that USPS rolled out today? From what I can see so far they seem to have gone up on ALL of their shipping cost.

Here are a few examples of what we paid last week and how much it will cost to ship the same thing this week.

  • Regional A, Priority Mail last week was $5.32 for a 13 pound package to a customer in our state. This week the same thing will cost me $6.07.
  • 5lb Priority Mail cost me $8.42 last week, this week it will cost me $11.30 going to the exact same address.
  • A 7lb package, shipping Priority Mail cost me $7.27 last week. Now with the new “lower” scammed prices from the US Government I only have to pay $10.20 to the exact same address.

    That's just the basic Priority Mail crap above. So far EVERY package we have checked has gone WAY UP!
  • Flat Rate packages? The basic Flat Rate Priority Mail Envelope went from $5.05 last week to $5.75 this week. The Flat Rate Padded Envelope went from $5.70 last week to $6.10 this week.

    Oh wait, the US Government is not done with their lame lies yet! Even the 1st Class Mail has GONE UP!! We paid $2.09 for a basic 5oz package last week. This week that same package will cost $2.68.

    So far it doesn't make any difference how you ship stuff. If you use USPS they have jacked the prices up instead of “lowering” them like they claimed. From the smaller things to the “heavier” that they were boasting about.

We use Endicia to ship most of our packages. From what I can see the rates above are what they call “retail” rates. So again, I am wondering if anyone who uses “Dazzle Premium” from Endicia if they are getting the above “retail” rates or if they are getting the “commercial” rates. I'm guessing that it may be a bug or something with Endicia?

What makes you think that the US Government knows how to run anything?


I saw the same last night. I have a regional box a to my state at $6.07. I know I did not see this before. It was like what you indicated. The Regional A was the same as a 2 lb regular box. Now its more. Cheaper now to use the non-regional box.

You did a good job in citing examples. I would put a ticket into Endicia. I did not see this increase in their news letter.

I was planing on contacting them tonight, eastern time. Can't do this during the day.


We just got off the phone with Endicia. It appears to be an error on Endicia's part and they told us that it should be fixed by later today. They said whatever we do, DO NOT ship anything with the “higher” prices because we cannot be reimbursed. So they said wait until the “fix” is released. Basically the Dazzle system is charging us “retail” pricing instead of the discounted prices we are supposed to get. Just as I suspected.

Thanks Clips for contacting Endicia…

I did not have much to ship, but its too late. I print Sunday night for Monday morning shipping.