USPS Flat Rate Box

I am trying to setup flat rate box shipping and would like to know the best way to accomplish it. Seems the easiest way to go.

Here’s my question:

I will be shipping shirts, koosies (in a flat rate box) and decals (in a flat rate envelope).

I see where I can set the shipping costs for each product, but when a person buys more than one product (that will still fit into one flat rate box), how do I keep it from adding a new flat rate box charge to each additional product? I can fit probably 5-7 shirts into one box.

Having a hell of a time trying to get this setup. Any insight?

If you will be shipping your products only in Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes and Flat Rate Envelopes, then I would suggest trying this:

Create a shipping method named: Priority Mail Flat Rate Box

Then, choose “Manual Rate Calculation” (rather than realtime)

Next, under the Shipping Charges Tab, within “Item Dependencies”, you could set this as a set cost per shirt allowing you to determine the number of shirts you can actually fit into this flat rate box. You would want to set this up so that the shipping charge for a single shirt is basically the same charge as it would be for 5 shirts all combined into a single flat rate box.

Thanks for the reply.

I will be using 2 flat rate boxes, one is the “small” for koosies (if that’s all they order) and the larger box which is of course a higher price.

The small box ships for under $5 bucks and the larger one for a little over $10.

When you mention the item dependencies method, what do I put in the box for rate value? Is it the amount of items (i.e. #of shirts)?

Edited at add that I created a Priority Mail Flat Rate Box shipping method and in the item dependencies I put 6 in the rate value assuming that 6 shirts would fit in the box. I disabled UPS and other shipping methods so I could only work with my newly created Priority Mail Flat Rate Box. I did a test and my new shipping mehtod did not show, only the “Unfortunately no shipping options are available for your location.” deal.

[QUOTE]When you mention the item dependencies method, what do I put in the box for rate value? Is it the amount of items (i.e. #of shirts)?[/QUOTE]

No, you want to enter the shipping charge per item.

You are going to need to get creative with the shipping settings to make this work, however, I am pretty sure you can come up with something workable as in not overcharging your customers while at the same time not loosing much in the way of shipping costs on your end either.