USPS First Class not working

I upgraded to version 2.1.1 last week. Since then customers cannot see the option to use USPS First Class as a mail option.

When I go to the Admin and look at the settings it looks like nothing has changed. When I try and test the First Class I get a message: Invalid First Class Mail Type.

I deleted the shipping type and recreated it. Still having the same problem.

Here is the log when I try and test it. Any ideas would be extremely helpful.

URL: [url][/url]
Request: array ( 'API' => 'RateV3', 'XML' => ' EXPRESS 84003 84003 0 1 Large FIRST CLASS 84003 84003 0 1 Large False PRIORITY 84003 84003 0 1 Rectangular Large 2 9 6 PARCEL 84003 84003 0 1 Large False BPM 84003 84003 0 1 Large LIBRARY 84003 84003 0 1 Large MEDIA 84003 84003 0 1 Large ', )
Response: 840038400301LARGE1Express Mail13.65-2147219428DomesticRatesV3;clsRateV3.ValidateFirstClassMailType;RateEngineV3.ProcessRequestInvalid First Class Mail Type.1000440840038400301RECTANGULARLARGE2961Priority Mail4.90840038400301LARGEFALSE1Parcel Post12.27840038400301LARGE1Bound Printed Matter2.33840038400301LARGE1Library Mail2.26840038400301LARGE1Media Mail2.38



Your error from above is “Invalid First Class Mail Type.”. So I’m assuming the package type specified is not able to be sent 1st class.

[quote name=‘tbirnseth’]So I’m assuming the package type specified is not able to be sent 1st class.[/QUOTE]

Very small item and very small weight.

I’m having the same problem after upgrading. The same 9 oz. item listed before the upgrade worked fine with USPS First Class, and now the option doesn’t show up at all.

Doing the “test” function in the Shipping Option setup yields the same response from USPS for ANY weight: Invalid First Class Mail Type

This is definitely a CS-Cart error, not a config or USPS issue. Does anybody have any solution?

Make sure have a weight and all dimensions set in the default shipping info.

That has always been there (see attached). Any other ideas? Like I said, I changed nothing about the cart when upgrading. Before the upgrade, First Class Mail was able to pull rates from USPS… after, nothing but an error.

Screen shot 2010-11-22 at 7.49.51 AM.jpg


I finally emailed the Helpdesk. They said they checked and everything looked fine. I went back in and everything looked ok.

I assume that they did something and it was so small they didn’t even mention it to me.

Sorry I cannot help you further, but I don’t know how it got fixed, but my system is working now.

I can tell you that what I did was went and disabled all shipping options, opened up the USPS website and went through each option and turned different sizes on and off until it finally came up with that same amount.