Using views to emulate X-Cart

Hi folks,

I have been working through the backend logistics of transferring our site from X-Cart to CS-Cart and although the official plug-ins can be resold, many 3rd party developers do not allow their licenses to be transferred…

Several that we own are ioncube encrypted and while I could pay to get these unencrypted illegally to make adjustments I feel like a better and more responsible method would be to see if I could retrofit these plug-ins (which rely solely on the database structure of X-Cart) to work within the CS-Cart framework - I should clarify, the cosmetic details and configuration for the plug-ins are not encrypted, just the functions.

My question is, has anyone else tried using views to re-work old plug-ins they had written before shifting to cs-cart? Does anyone have experience with views and know whether the performance hit would be significant? In many cases I think this would be a one to one field view with aliasing and the view would simply be named for the old table in x-cart (w/ prefix).

Specifically, we are talking about the advanced search plug-in and a dynamic bargain generator plug-in - both of which stick to the products tables exclusively, aside from the tables they create and reference themselves within the db.

If anyone has experiences (good or bad) to share about using custom views in mysql to bring in plug-ins from other systems, I’d love to hear them.


Hi Jacob, can you let us know which addons you have that you need ported over to CS? we can port any of the firetank, bcs, cartlab addons, let us know which ones, may of them we have already ported, since we have to re-code these addons for CS2 now may be a good time and possibly you could lend a hand in doing this as I’m pretty overwhelmed right now with addons, Thanks - Sno

would depend on what plug ins your talking about. Trying to emulate 10-15 X tables would be A LOT of work vs a plugin who uses 1-2 tables.

Hard to know what tables the plugin is using since its encrypted.