Using The Same Gateway On Multiple Carts?

Question for you guys. So, let's say I have an existing merchant account setup with a CS-Cart Shopping Cart that I operate. So, I plan on creating a brand new business but to save money including service fees, I want to use the same merchant account on the other sites.

I know that technically I can go into each cart and paste the same site id, transaction key, etc in my settings. That being said, the transactions would all process under the same account and all money would all deposit into the same account.

I've been told that most processors are OK with this. My question is, could it send up a red flag? What sort of problems may I experience in testing this?

I looked at's website and I see where you can add Response/Receipt URLs, and this is how explains it:

[quote]The Payment Gateway verifies the URL specified in the post string against the URLs in this list. If the URL provided does not match one of the values on this list, the transaction will be rejected. If no URL is provided, the Default URL value will be used.[/quote]

So, I assume as long as my alternate domains are added to the response/receipt url list, then they should clear correct?

Yes, but you probably want to be very upfront with your merchant account provider to ensure they are okay with your plan.

Make sure you use an order prefix (or it could be suffix) that is different on each storefront so you don't run into overlapping order_id's (unless you're running ULTIMATE where there would be no overlap).


tbirnseth is right. Please note that not all payment systems integrated with CS-Cart have the “Order prefix” setting. Also some merchant account providers do not support any other characters except digits in the “Order identifier” parameter. For example, you are not able to send the “MyStore_18” or “18myStore” values for the order ID “18”.