Using the Affiliate Addon? Post Here.

I am interested in starting an affiliate program for my web site. I sell books and DVDs and would be offering a % commission on any referred sales.

With this in mind, I decided to look at CS-Cart’s own affiliate program to glean some ideas. The first idea I gleaned is that they don’t have enough confidence in their own affiliate addon to use it for their own program!!! Amazing! They use Plimus instead. Wow! That’s a real confidence builder right there.

The next step was to search these forums to see what other users are saying about the addon and their experiences with it. That’s been a very discouraging exercise too. I found where one person had posted 8 times (in different places) to try to get an answer to a simple question and got zero responses. If you do a search on the forums you’ll find LOTS of questions about the affiliate addon, but very few answers.

So, is anyone actually using the CS-Cart affiliate addon?

Those of you who run CS-Cart sites but don’t use their addon, what affiliate program are you using? Anyone using the Google Affiliate Network?

Thanks in advance for your replies.

I was forced to use it once. I had to create an affiliate based promotions mod so that measured discounts could be selected by the affiliates while they receive the remaining percentage.

Since a “cs-cart affiliate” is really a reseller, being an “affiliate” is not appropriate. I.e. a reseller pre-purchases some number of licenses from cs-cart with the cost/license being a function of volume. They then advertise/sell the licenses. They are not referred back to cs-cart. Rebranders are not allowed to reference cs-cart since the assumption is that a rebranded product has been modified. Hence any reference to cs-cart may not be appropriate.