using PHP code


I tried to change the content of one parameter using PHP function “substr” .

this is what I insert to one of the tpl files:


$icon_image_path = substr ($icon_image_path, 28,1000);

echo $icon_image_path;


well, nothing happend. $icon_image_path didn’t changed and wan’t print on my screen (echo)

why is that?

Can you tell me what is $icon_image_path?

of course

it’s the full path to my photo, for example: /~deadseac/deadseacosmetics/images/category_images/Resize of

I can’t find any reference to $icon_image_path in any of the cart files.

you can find it in \customer\common_templates\image.tpl

but I just want to know with I even didn’t get anyerror or something…?