Using options as filters

Hi all,

Didn't find the answer on the forum. If it is asked/posted before please send me in the right direction.

Being new to cscart I'm wondering if it is possible to use the product options to create filters.

As I understand correctly, the filters are made/created by the product features.

The purpose why I want the options as filters is the ability to track the inventory.

It is about an clothing company with different sizes of the cloths and we want to follow the inventory and don't want to show the product by a specific filter when it is out of stock.

Any help much appreciated!

Best regards, Mirco

When I tested the “out of stock” feature on options hardly worked well.

Hi, thanx for responding.

What do you mean exactly?

So giving this topic a bumb.

Maybe I’m not understanding this wright.

So, I have to give the product features to create filters with it.

T-shirt features L, XL, XXL and create a filter for it.

To follow the stock I have to create options for it: L, XL, XXL and assign stock level to it.

First of all: I’m doing the same thing twice. And when a product is sold out, ie XXL than I hve to remove the feature XXL so it not show up anymore in the filter. Those are a lot of handlings for this.

But maybe I’m not understanding this…

Some advice would be really appreciated!!! :-)

Well, could somebody help me please…

This is a key thing for my site (clothing company) so this would help me decide wether to buy this cart system or not…

Or there could be a commercial add-on for this?

I have to agree with this. It seems sensible that when you create options e.g. I have blue and red shirts in stock; that I would want to allow users to browse/filter by colour and size. Anyone solved this yet?