Using Multi Vendor Edition for single store?

Hello… I’m am currently building a site with 2.2.2 multi vendor edition. My question is… Am I able to use this edition as a single store. I chose to buy this eddition to give me the options for the future. I’m just confirming before I buy a template or get into the meat and potatos if there is going to be any problems. To my understanding the 2.2.2 multi vendor is just the same as the professional but with the Multi vendor options included… Sorry if this is a stupid question… I’m somewhat of a newb. I used 1.3.5 on a previous site but haven’t had any dealings up until now with the 2.X.X version of the cart…

Hello, gconceptz!

I will explain CS-Cart Multi-Vendor functionality in general terms. Several companies can register in one store and sell their products. Also there is one primary admin that controls the whole store.

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Edition has all the features of the Professional Edition ( Ecommerce Solutions and Software for all types of business - CS-Cart ) plus several unique multi-vendor shopping cart components, such as:

  • Ability to create an unlimited number of vendor accounts;

  • A personal administration area with real-time information for each vendor featuring product and order management,

    shipping method configuration, viewing of earnings and payouts balance;

  • Vendors can manage their own products and shipping methods;

  • Customer orders can contain items from multiple vendors;

  • All payments are processed through the common payment system;

  • Root administrator can record payouts to each particular vendor.

    CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Edition allows vendors to list their products in a separate section of a store, add their logos and company description. And products from all vendors are sold through a single customer area.

    The main admin's income is commissions taken from vendor sales. Commissions can be a percentage or a flat rate and are set up on a per vendor basis on the following page:

    Vendor payouts are controlled by the main admin on the following page of the admin panel:

    If you do not need the vendors functionality for now, you can use CS-Cart Multi-Vendor with one vendor and it will be almost the same as CS-Cart Professional.

You take the risk if CS-cart stop develop MV version…