Using Cs Cart For Daily Deal Vouchers Or Coupons

Hello wise world of cs cart members :)

I am stumped on this. We are running a deal on a daily deal site whereby customers can buy a voucher to spend on our site. Customers will get a £20 voucher code to input on our site to use against purchases. Initially I didnt know how to input these codes (we will need 2500), however I have followed a guide I found online:

I managed to get this working and all the vouchers have loaded into our promotions tab in the back end. We have tested these and only the first voucher code in the list works. The other 2499 dont work as far as we can tell. We have checked the set up on the first against the other ones and the set up is the same, apart from the unique voucher code. I am confident the mysql part has been sorted correctly using the tables cscart_promotions and cscart_promotion_descriptions.

Any ideas guys?

We've found solution!. After adding the records in the "_promotions" DB tables. We added the reference record in the DB table "cscart_ult_objects_sharing" and the promotions worked for us on the front-end. Might be useful for anyone in the future looking to do this.

Yep, see this bugtracker entry: