Using CS Cart as software download store (questions)

I use CS Cart software for physical goods and I can easily say that this is one of the best online apps in it’s class.

Since it does great work for one of my stores I want to buy another license and use it for another store. This time It is strictly for selling downloads / small applications / templates etc.

I have few questions related to that type of store profile:

  1. I want to use automatically generated licenses for my apps. In short, user need to have license number assigned to his domain to install purchased app. Can I implement this functionality? Id so,… how this is done?

  2. I want to offer free and paid upgrades to offered apps. Lets say all versions 1.1 till 1.9 are free (upgrades) but version 2.0 is paid, and so on. Can I do it?

  3. I want to inform my clients about updates - (newsletter should do it, but I don’t want to send emails to people who downloaded updates already). This is not very important feature but it would be nice to have it.

  4. Can I integrate CS Cart user login info with 3rd party helpdesk and vBulletin? (I want to run both in help section)

  5. Can I limit downloads (lets say 5 per customer)?

    Please let me know how complicated / time consuming will be to implement those issues.

    Honestly I like the way you sell and deliver / admin your software. Is this modified CS Cart?

    If possible I would be interested in solution like this.

    Thank you

is there anyone that can help me out with my questions?

Since nobody has answers to your questions here, I would ask the helpdesk. They will tell you what will or won’t work.

You might be better off using Joomla and adding some mods to it, which are readily available. I love CS Cart for the majority of my products, but have a separate site using Joomla and JoomSuite Member mod and JoomSuite User mod.