Using CS Cart as a website - might sound daft but ...

I was wondering whether I could “sensibly” use cs-cart with no stock to produce a bit of a web site with CMS.

Might sound daft but the reasoning is that longer term I would be expecting to use cs-cart as a cart but in the meantime I need some type of web site to make do.

I was going to use wordpress since fast and easy and does the job but now I have started thinking why not start with the final software to save time and also gain seo brownie points since most of the make do pages that would be creating now - the about us and contact us etc - would stay there.

Anyone got any thoughts comments.

I have an unused license so the money side does not kick in.

I’ve just started wordpress a couple of days ago and it’s so easy to use even for a non techi like me.

I would start with wordpress and just add cscart later. cscart will never be anywhere near as good as wordpress (at blogging) with all its free plugings, widgets and themes.

I thinks it’s most probably better to have the best of both worlds (and try to integrate) rather than having a system which is good at one thing but flaky and let down by the other half

Well I think it depends on how soon you would need the cart. I HATE moving stuff. I moved all my products over to CS from an old cart. Then (I thought) my host was causing the cart to function slow so I moved the cart over to a new host. With all the moving, downtime, time wasted on moving sometimes it’s just easier to start with the end. Not to mention all you SEO links could stay in place…which is VERY important if you plan to sell anything.

So I see where you are coming from.

As far as using it just as a site that shouldn’t be an issue. It is easy to create pages within CS and you edit in the built in WYSIWYG editor. So it would function just like a normal site. I moved all my old HTML pages over to CS to make it all function/look the same. It may not be as easy as WP but it would pay off in the long run if you do plan on selling in the future.

Well it was about to be wordpress - very slick and easy - when I had the cs cart idea and if that is where it is going to end up then …

So I think I might try that one since isitfast has put some meat on the bones of why to do this.

It will mean no messing in future and the guy doing the pages will get used to the back end interface ready for

CS actually works very well for a CMS only website, not only can you make custom forms and contact pages, you can create endless pages and link to hidden products, all kinds of neat stuff that most shopping carts can’t imagine doing - Sno

Hey Sno, your Shop by Features Addon link is a 404 page not found.

[quote name=‘knoxbury’]Hey Sno, your Shop by Features Addon link is a 404 page not found.[/QUOTE]

as cs would say, working as designed and default functionality…lol :slight_smile: