Using affliate system without allowing users to select at registration


Forgive me if the answer to this question is already covered, or I just haven’t figured out how to do this through the control panel.

I am using the Affiliate system, but do not want to allow people to be able to select this as an option when they register, as it appears is how the addon installs. I want tom manually ad users only. So my question is, how do I modify the script to not include this in the dropdown menu option at registration when the Affiliate system is active… Or can someone direct me to the place in the control panel I can do this.

I oricinally thought the "Show affiliate code at front-end option might control this, but it is unchecked and I don’t see any other options in the addon configuration area.

Cheers, Lance

great question i’d love to know how to do this too

Same here! Seems a bit strange everyone can just sign up as an affiliate? :)

You can edit this template file:


I removed the option to select affiliate, and then set the drop down to hidden, that way the code still passes through when they signup.

Thanks! That helps

It seems like you can also just rename the file though (and clear cache) and that’s that.