UserTrust from Comodo


Anyone ever integrate the UserTrust in their website? Any comments on whether is extra feature will increase the sales?

For those who have no idea what Usertrust is, you can find one here: [url][/url] (at the right side bottom)


I can only say it is critical!

[URL=“CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation”]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

mike, i want to place the usertrust logo just below to the Testimonials sidebox. How can i move the logo from bottom to the sidebox.

I had the logo, but it seemed to slow my site down so I removed it.

I don’t think it really affects sales. I know personally that when I shop online I don’t scan all over the page looking for a trust logo and I would imagine that most people are the same. Also most people don’t know what the trust logo is so I don’t think it really matters.

Obviously I could be wrong?


i dunno how to put the floating comodo there miracles


Here’s how I did it on my site:

Copy the static Comodo trust logo from here: [URL=“Trusted SSL Certificate Free SSL Secure Server Certificate Branded SSL Certificate”][/URL]

Save the logo (tl_white.gif) to your server.

In index.tpl put the following below

```php {if ‘HTTPS’|defined}


{/if} ```

Put the code below where you want it on your site. I have mine in the header on every page so I put it in top.tpl. Obviously change yourfilelocation to the path you have saved the seal image file to, remembering to leave out the domain name or http so that it shows on both an http and https page.




Hope this helps.

For v2.05 it doesnt work. Maybe I’m missing smth…

I remember glancing over updated instructions for this in the 2.0 Knowledgebase, might check there.

My problem was a cached skin (var dir). Hope my tip helps others in future