Users vs Customers

This might be a really dumb question or easily answered, but is there a way to convert users to customers? I have users that signed up, but haven’t placed an order. If they call me, I have no way to use their information to place an order.


Why not? Just go to “All users” in admin and do a search for their name.

Sure, they show up under “Show Users”, but they don’t show up when placing a new order. They DON’T show up when doing a search for them when creating a new order.

I suppose I could click on the user and then click “Act on behalf of…”, navigate through my site and place the order for them. But then, what’s the purpose of the “Create order” link in the admin?

It should be an easy fix to add all users to the create order function. I don’t have time to find it right now so hopefully someone else will chime in and if not, I will look into it when I do have some time.

maybe you want to try to merge the user and customer database table - though this may require doing this on a regular basis - it depends on how often you run it to this situation…