Users (failed login) User: icons package - Causing too many connections and shuts down server

I seem to be having some type of a constant error that is giving the following errors:


09/19/2012, 12:20 AM

Users (failed login)

User: icons package

IP address:


It also shows from the following IPs,,, (which appears to be a comment spammer), (looks like another comment spammer), There are many other “failed” logins.

These IPs are causing my server to have “too many connections” which then kills the CPU, etc. and I have to end up shutting down the server. We even had to suspend the domain on the server for about a half an hour tonight until the connections or whatever the heck was happening stopped.

The interesting part, is right after these IPs try to “log in” and the login fails, the server is slammed with multiple request for shipping information. There were 12 request within less than a minute which appears to have helped bring a dedicated server to its knees. In my mind, 12 request seems pretty small to kill the cpu of a dedicated server and use up 8gb Ram, but something is strange.

Does anyone know the IP addresses of CS-Carts servers that contact ours to check license? Most of the IP addresses listed are from the Ukraine and Russia. I am going to start blocking these lame IP addresses but I do not want to block CS. If CS is trying to log in or check our license I sure hope they don't have this many errors.

Yes, the best thing is to block those IPs except CS-CART

We have actually started blocking whole countries as we don't sell outside the US anyway. I didn't really want to, but these bots and content spammers are quite annoying. They didn't get to actually post anything to our site or send out any emails, but they kill my resources for no reason at all.