Users Carts (Put it back)

This has been an ongoing issue for our business since the very beginnings. We currently run 2.x of CS-Cart and are currently in the process of rebuilding our website to 4.x. I run a website that deals with products whose value of the products are anywhere between 0.01 upwards to 250. Our customers purchase anywhere between 1 card and as many as 3000+ cards at a time.

Unfortunately from time to time customers check out and the payment doesn't go through. When they message me they ask, “can you just help me out and put the items back in my cart?” In 2.x I simply tell them there's no way for me to control your cart. Is it going to be the same situation with 4.x? How do other businesses handle “putting it back” for their customers?


If it failed during payment processing, the order should be there in the Declined (or Failed) status. Hence you can edit in admin and process the payment with different info if needed. If in V2.1 or later, the order could also be in the “incomplete” orders if there was a problem in cs-cart in trying to resolve the payment method being used.

I'm guessing I'm misunderstanding the issue.

@tbirnseth Basically what they want us to do is put all the items that they want to purchase back into their shopping cart without them doing it themselves. They did it once they don't want to go through it again. Make better sense?


If they had a cart and come back from the same IP their cart will still be there. If the submitted the order then you can get at it from admin.

@tbirnset Correct. If they did not submit and attempted to check out, the items are kept in their cart. If they checkout, I see it in the admin. My challenge and problem here is they want their order put BACK into the cart so they can attempt payment again. On the admin side, how do I put the items of their cart back into their cart so that they can A) continue shopping and B) make a successful payment?


I don't think you can create a new cart in admin for a user to work with in the customer view. It could be done via some custom programming, but it is not a feature of the cart.

I think what most merchants do is to edit the Failed order in Admin with the customer on the phone. Enter new payment info and submit.

I do not know of any built-in method for converting an order to a cart (able to go through checkout by the customer).

It's probably a couple of hours of development and testing to give you an addon that could accomplish this for you.

Administration->Order statuses->[Select desired status]->Check “Pay order again”

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Administration->Order statuses->[Select desired status]->Check “Pay order again”


And this will put it back into their cart so they can “Pay order again”?